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Indian Public School is a Co-educational secondary English medium school established in 2003 by Patil’s Charitable Trust. It imparts education to children under the CBSE Pattern. The school has been carefully designed to meet the needs of children coming from varied social, cultural and economic background.

The teachers are affectionate, warm, dedicated and caring. The education being the child centered, the children are allowed for free thinking. We do our level best to develop the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, compassion and tolerance among our students. We believe that all children have equal opportunities for education, consistent with their individual capabilities and personal needs.

On the academic side: Paper-pen tests, Projects, Lab activities, Presentations including the use of IT, Field Tours and Model Making have been introduced to develop the habit of continuous learning and to assess in both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of the pupil's growth. We have also streamlined our promotion policy with weightages being assigned to every test / exam. This is inline with the CBSE requirements of continuous and comprehensive school based evaluation which includes formative and summative assessments in different subjects. Many changes have been made to develop scientific temper among students based on the child centered system for education outlined in the National policy of education which helps the student in solving problems in their day to day life and motivate the students to learn themselves.

Nowadays, education in undergoing lot of changes. It has to cater the needs of the community as well as the needs of the parents as the world is competitive. Co-curricular activities work is an important element necessary for learning in the school. To develop the innate potential and welfare of children, a host of innovative co-curricular activates have been introduced in the school almanac. The students acquire competitiveness, beliefs, attitudes, personal habits, various skills and general knowledge with the help of activates in the school.

These are the few things which makes the Indian Public School unique from other schools.
km patil is managing trustee


Hello there,
As the Managing Trustee of Patil’s Charitable Trust, which manages this school, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this site and to talk to you about us.
There have been many steps taken, and many people involved, to bring us to the start of this trust initiative in july 2002. It has been built upon the strength of a dedicated professional staff, the best practices of our schools, an involved and supportive community, sound relationships with our education partners and a true "focus on the learner."

Through trustees, staff and parents together are affirming a true partnership for the benefit of students; a partnership founded upon a commitment to clarity, consistency and communication.

Our primary objective is to see that the school successfully achieves its mission offering a comprehensive, not for profit, private, Indian education. We seek to equip students academically, culturally, socially, and physically upon graduation to transition to the best educational institutions in India. This is accomplished by ensuring an educational environment that will challenge and assist students to become intellectually adept, thoughtful and ethical contributors to a global society. In doing this, the Trustees' primary concern is the long-term educational and financial policies of the school. We entrust the Principal appointed by and reporting to the Management with managing the day-to-day operational administrative aspects of IPS.

The School Managing Committee is composed of most dedicated individuals, resident in Bangalore, who are either parents of IPS students or who have demonstrated an interest in IPS. The outstanding level of educational and professional achievement among community members allows for the Board to include members with legal, diplomatic, business, engineering, financial, educational and parental backgrounds. We meet regularly to review the financial position of the school, to set policies, their application, and to insure that the school is functioning in accordance with its policies and goals.

As, the Managing trustee, I would guarantee that we will do our best, in order to prepare your ward for their life.

We can be contacted directly and confidentially with questions or comments via email at ipsvig@yahoo.com

Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen

With regards
Managing Trustee

dr santosh patil is senior director


It's my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Director of Indian Public school …not only because it's my passion but also because, 
I enjoy the company of my dearly loved students and talented teachers who keep me energized all the time. IPS is not just one more school in the already long list of educational institutions in the “Silicon City”, but it is one school which has made a great difference in its Qualitative journey for the last 12 years. Our children represent our hopes and dreams.

As a parent, you certainly want the best for your child and we are indeed happy to be working with you to ensure that they are given the right knowledge to face future challenges. The Management, Parents, Students and the Teaching Faculty are a team and complement each other's efforts. We try to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where academics , sports and co-curricular Facilities mould our students and motivate them to be the brightest and the best. I am very grateful to each and every member of the IPS Family who know very well how to synchronize and harmonize with our process of growth. Our Students who constantly show by their performance and conduct that it makes a difference to be a student of IPS; and last but not the least Our Parents whose trust inspires us to move ahead ...!!.

We wish you and your child a very rewarding experience at IPS....!!!

With regards
Dr Santosh Patil,
Senior Director
lohit patil is managing director


Welcome to IPS Website
The Management at IPS aims to promote international understanding through education and make this education relevant to the global needs of our time.
Our mission is to provide positive catalytic impulses to every CHILD to stretch his inherent learning competencies through a self discovery process."
A dream comes true – a dream of social commitment and responsibility.  I look forward for the great development of technology and the ways by which the younger generation obtains it.  I will be delighted to see my endeavour – IPS –   enhances  in moulding the future citizens with modern education, without losing the  true love towards the nation and  its culture.

Our goal is  to equip children to think innovatively and to be creative throughout their life. The future generation should be well aware of the values, traditions and culture of our great nation. We encourage them to have an international outlook with the modern perspectives of education and the changes in the world around us.

IPS provides tremendous opportunities for all its students, so that they receive every chance to learn and enjoy their school day. It offers a well-balanced, challenging and stimulating programme of work. It aims to equip the students with knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed with a positive self image at any stage in their life.

IPS is extending the message of social commitment with the cooperation of the learned citizens.  I foresee that in the coming times when these students would grow and in the various capacities, be it at home or career would make school and family proud. 

With regards
Lohit K Patil,
Managing Director
dr n santosh kumar is academic director


Welcome to the website of Indian public school, C.A Site No 6A , Jeevan Bhimanagar, Bangalore-75.
I appreciate your interest in visiting the website of our school and learning more about the opportunities and avenues we provide. The site contains brief particulars about institutional goals, organizational set up, curricular and co-curricular activities and infrastructure facilities.

As such it will hopefully be an aid to communication and a very handy reference when queries arise about day today organizational matters.

It is apparent that our goal at IPS is to provide the students an all round excellent educational experience. The commitment to excellence is evident and the future truly starts here. We at IPS strive to develop and implement a unique curriculum that suits the diverse needs of all students, to provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning and restructuring the school, so both the teachers, students have better opportunities for excellence.

We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have, through e-mail or phone conversations.

I am extremely grateful to the management, staff and especially to the web team for their effort in creating and maintaining an attractive and creative website which was launched by Shri. N.Nagaraju, Regional Officer, CBSE, Chennai Region during the school annual day celebrations.. The team is continuously seeking ways to improve the services it provides and I am extremely proud of the output that is produced.

With regards
Dr N.Santosh Kumar,
Academic Director
k sridevi is principal of ips

K. Sridevi - Principal

Dear all,

Welcome to IPS website!

Every child is like a seed which has the potential to grow if it is nourished with love and care under the right guidance. In the current challenging times it is essential that children should not only excel in academics but should also develop courtesy, discipline, smart personality, social sensitivity and be imbibed with the traditional values and culture of our country. Childhood is the best time to lay the foundation of the core values essential for the overall development of the future citizen of tomorrow.

Indian Public school is a friendly school where each and every student is understood, valued and attended too. Our students are provided with the state of the art facilities like well-equipped science laboratory, computer laboratory and audio visual room. Equal attention is given to the development of the children both academically and in extra curricular activities like different Sports ,Karate cultural activities, etc.

Year by year the efforts of all our staff and students have taken the school forward in terms of excellence. The school has progressed in leaps and bounds. Today we stand as one of the noted educational landmarks in the heart of Bengaluru. We offer our students a stress free learning environment which encourages creativity and critical thinking.

At Indian Public School we are dedicated to exhaustive quality learning and are utterly committed to a continuous process of improvement for the benefit of the students. We are always open to refreshing views and suggestions which can add more value to the students of our school.

With Best Wishes.
K Sridevi M.Sc.,B.Ed.,PGDS